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All roses sold by the Brindabella Country Gardens are sent out in perfect condition. We cannot be held responsible for any rose that fails through the purchaser’s negligence or horticultural inexperience. Each rose delivered comes with Rose Care Instructions. (Please read carefully). As rose are living, biological organisms, they are subject at all times to the trials and tribulations of Mother Nature and so we are unable to warranty performance.We unfortunately cannot guarantee that the rose will be in flower at time of delivery. Despite our best endeavours, occasionally a wrongly labelled plant may be sent. In this case, we will gladly supply another plant to you after your payment of $15 per plant towards the value of the rose you are keeping. As the roses are living things they will not be able to be returned to us. Unless you specifically tell us otherwise, we will send a near substitute rose in the event that at the time of packing, the requested rose is unsaleable. If a refund is required by a customer, then it will be the customer's responsibility to return the rose or roses in good condition at their expense.

we may deduct an admin fee of $11 on refunds where you change your mind, the meaning in your emails is not clear or we are not in error.

Every endeavour is made to ensure that your rose arrives in pristine condition and on the correct day. If any rose is damaged in transit this is usually down to a problem with the National Carrier Fastway. We will certainly look into each individual case. Please note that Fastway DO NOT insure perishables including roses, so there is no cover and we cannot offer replacements. Damaged roses and late delivery rarely occur. If there is a problem it is usually outside our control but we will advise Fastway to correct the situation as soon as possible. You will receive an email from Fastway couriers on the day of pick-up from our nursery. Please track your parcel daily and let us know immediately if it doesn’t arrive within 3 days of sending as roses are perishable. 99% of our parcels reach destinations on time and in great shape.The actions of the carrier are outside our control, however, and any further expectations will be between yourself and the carrier. We accept no liability for the carrier's actions. We are unable to use Post as delivery time can be 8 days and the roses won't survive.

Please Read Carefully
Brindabella Country Gardens owns the complete rights to the above annual crop of “Name Your Own Rose” roses. This amounts to up to 1000 roses of each variety each year. The roses are only available from us as we breed and grow the variety specifically for us. It can take 15 years to breed and grow on a rose avariety. Each rose is sold separately and named individually. We cannot guarantee that the name you choose is not already in use. Please note that there is no formal registry in Australia listing commercial names of rose varieties. If you are in any doubt over your chosen name, please ask for advice. Customers only own the one rose purchased and not the whole crop. A single rose purchase does not entitle you to any further roses from the annual crop unless further roses are purchased individually. A named rose will not be sold or distributed nationally as the chosen name is purely a personal choice. The chosen name will not be formally registered on any listing, and will not appear on our web site or any other website. You will not be buying the rights to the rose variety, only the name. If you wish to name a whole crop of roses for national distribution, please ask for details. Bulk orders over 5 roses at the discounted price will not be gift wrapped.

Tax Charges
All prices include GST at the rate of 10%.
Card Security and Privacy
All transactions are completely secure. Any details which you provide to us from which we can identify you are held and processed . We do not retain card numbers once processing is complete. We will process card numbers on the day of dispatch generally.

BLACKSPOT & POWDERY MILDEW GUARANTEE We provide a limited guarantee that the rose varieties that are explicitly mentioned by us as being guaranteed will remain free from blackspot (Diplocarpon rosae Wolf.)and Rose powderry mildew (Podosphaera pannosa) for the first 2 years from time of purchase.For the disease blackspot to be established, there must be severe defoliation across the whole plant. Without this defoliation, spots may be the result of other fungal attack or a part of the biological defense of the rose plant against attack. BRINDABELLA NO BLACKSPOT ROSES ARE SPECIALLY BRED SO THAT WHEN GROWING UNDER GOOD STANDARD CONDITIONS SUITABLE FOR ALL ROSES, THEY DON’T BADLY DEFOLIATE FROM BLACKSPOT LIKE OTHER ROSES DO. If in the event you believe that a rose plant supplied to you and which is explicitly covered by this limited guarantee gets an established by blackspot or powderry mildew infection, you must report this to us by emailing us your concern with photos of apparent infected leaves and whole of plant. Our Plant Pathologist, John Gray, will reply with questions relating to the apparent infection which you must respond to at your earliest convenience. After consideration, our Plant Pathologist will email you details of the results of the investigation and these results shall be final. The limit of our guarantee is to ship to you a young replacement of the rose plant involved and nothing further. This guarantee applies only to roses purchased directly from Brindabella Country Gardens and does not include standards or topiary roses.Some naturally occuring fungi resistant to the genetic disease prevention makeup of Brindabella Roses may exist through normal genetic variability in any fungal population. These resistant fungi may not be controlled by Brindabella Roses thus resulting in a reduction in efficacy and possible defoliation. Since the
occurrence of resistant fungi is difficult to detect prior to use, Brindabella Country Gardens accepts no liability for losses for the failure of Brindabella Roses to control resistant fungi. For a detailed look into rose leaf spots please view .

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